Welp, Its madness day now, and heres what I did

2017-09-23 00:42:01 by clee3rd

technically, its a day and a half after madness day, so im a little bit late, but whatever.

So as I've said in my last newspost, Im gonna give away these sprites today, 
Just Click on these images to go to the Dump links for the spritesheets:

WW2 Imperial Japanese Sprites:

My weapon Sprites V.2 :

Im not completely done with them yet tho, I'll keep updating them once every a couple 'o months, so I'll link these sheets to my profile and uhmn, check them regularly, I guess.
Just please make sure to credit me whenever you're gonna use them.

Anyways, as what everyone says: "'Happy Madness Day"' or similar stuffs.



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2017-09-23 00:43:01

Nice stuff here kiddo.

clee3rd responds:

and you are welcome to use them.


2017-09-23 00:43:24

Heres the SWFs of them for people who Still use Flash8 for them to decompile:

WW2 Imperial Japanese Sprites:

Clee's Weapon Pack V.2 :


2017-09-23 11:49:40

Happy Madness Day dude :)
Gotta say if I wasn't another guy who likes to draw weapons, surely would use yours :P

clee3rd responds:

happy madness day to ya too,
and thats okay,
though even though I drew these, I'll still probably use yours (and other people's) in future tests,
since im uncomfortable drawing guns that other peeps have already drawn before.


2017-09-23 14:50:15

Quality Sprites¡¡

clee3rd responds:

right back at ya,
I mean, Thanks


2017-09-25 05:18:32

sexy sprites. draw more :>

(Updated ) clee3rd responds:

and I will,
I'll update these sprites every once in a while (when I dont feel lazy)


2017-09-27 08:12:49


(Updated ) clee3rd responds:

and you are very welcome to use them (please).


2017-10-12 02:28:27

Magnificent sprites.
But I have a question - why Italian Beretta MAB 38A included in IJA pack?

(Updated ) clee3rd responds:

well, because I have no idea how to draw the side magazines of the Type100,
and the Italian Beretta Model 38 is another Axis weapon that has the closest in terms of appearance,
and besides, Japan did actually use a few (very few, like less than 50) Beretta Model 38's later in the war (dont quote me on that, I just got that information wikipedia, and they could be wrong).


2017-11-02 12:12:54

Dude, i'm sorry that you want to be dead on NG, So just keep making custom sprites, cos (Almost) everyone likes them. Just don't quit!

clee3rd responds:

im dead on NG,
tho I am pretty much active on Discord, sharing my unreleased sprites with Discord friends.