Entry #17

Yeah, I shouldn't have imposed deadlines on myself

2018-02-25 05:04:16 by clee3rd

I said in my last newspost that I'll be uploading and sharing the updated version of my Weapon spritesheet on new years, but as you can see, its 2 months past new years and I still havent uploaded anything,

I've decided to just uload it whenever I want, no deadlines whatsoever, so it'll be less pressuring for me.
Anyways, Here is a sneak peek of the gun sprites that i'll be adding to my weapon sheet:

Aside from new weapons sprites, I've also made some adjuctments and corrections to my old ones.

On a different topic,
I now became an animator for the Duding's Greedy collab, not just a Sprite artist,
so expect to see a Clip of mine in the upcomming greedy collab.

4562721_151986736061_fwcrfgcwefvxewdf.png   4562721_151986735733_fwcrfgcwefvxewdf.png
here are some sneak peeks

(and yes, Greedy is still a thing even though duding deleted that newspost on his NG profile)

so yeah, uhhh, have a nice day



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2018-02-25 05:42:53

good luck man

clee3rd responds:

right back at ya


2018-02-25 05:43:09

Your spirits never cease to amaze me, good job

clee3rd responds:

yeah, thanks I guess


2018-02-25 05:49:49

Why your sprites are good?

clee3rd responds:

uhmnn, experience, I guess.


2018-02-25 08:46:38

I guess you got time to make sprites more than me, are you always free in your spare time?

clee3rd responds:

not really tbh


2018-02-25 11:53:45

Can't express how great your sprites are, not just the guns but the characters and backgrounds too.
The best of luck with your animations for the Collab ;)

clee3rd responds:

Thanks, that means alot coming from you ^^